Sewer Video Inspection Division

We have a division that specializes in NON DAMAGING SEWER VIDEO INSPECTION by using a fiber optic video camera installed on a push rod. We are able to videotape the inside of sewer lines from 3 inches in diameter up to 60 inches in diameter, without damaging your pipes. We also have a ROBOTIC crawler video camera with a pivital head that can view 270 degrees in all directions and also video tape the inside of LARGE DIAMETER sewers and storm sewer lines. When finished we can provide you with a DVD or VHS tape depending on the service you need. We also have a radio frequency device that attaches to our equipment that allows us to locate the camera and its location during filming. This also allows us to locate broken down sewer lines without having to dig up an entire sewer line to find the break. We also have a MUSTANG mini jetter that can pressure clean drains in the 2 inch to 3 inch diameter.

With our radio frequency locate devices, we have the ability to chart out all your sewer lines, and mark them on the ground with painted dashes, or with orange flags, so that the owner may then have a surveyor, record all the dashes or flags on a formal survey (also know as an AS-BUILT SURVEY). This procedure is very helpful for persons who need AS-BUILTS, for a large building, or a complex of buildings, without doing any damage to there property. The end result is the surveyor provides to the owner a survey with all buildings locations along with the underground locations of all sewer pipes. Our company can provide all the services above including the final product known as the AS-BUILT SURVEY. For this service please contact Larry Dean Jr. direct at his cell number 904-993-3433.



by: RAR The Tallwood Group

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